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About Us:

Studio 34 is a cooperative studio space and education center run by artists for artists. Creating a place to conceive new ideas, practices and processes, experiment, and develop as artists.​

My enthusiasm and passion to create parallels my eagerness to teach and share with others. I would like to share and contribute to the growing art scene of Nanaimo and its creators, following my ‘credo’:

“I can only keep what I have by giving it away”.​

                                                                                                           - Bryan Faubert


-Introduction to Foundry Casting (Aluminum/Bronze) ​

- Introduction to Mould Making ​

- Advanced Mould Making ​

- Introduction to Woodshop ​

- Stretcher Building Workshop ​

- Introduction to Metal Shop

- Introduction to Stone Carving (Sandstone)


Available Tools:


-aluminum casting in lost wax, burn out, and petro-bond cope and drag sand pro.


oxygen/acetylene torch welding and cutting mig 180 w/gas, mild steel and aluminum mig 135 flux core-portable

2 x angle grinders-various wheels di-grinder-various attachments/bits
rotary tool w/flex-shaft-various attachments/bits drill press


Wood Shop
10” compound miter saw
10” portable table saw
reciprocating saw
18” gas powered chainsaw, angle grinder chainsaw wheel di-grinder- wood carving burs
scroll saw
drill press
belt sander
palm sander
cordless impact driver and drill
various hand tools


Stone Carving
di-grinder w/various diamond bits and burs
angle grinder w/diamond wheels
rotary tool w/flex shaft-various diamond bits and bur carbide tipped flat chisels
various points
various rasps
mallets various sizes/weights
2-5lbs hammers

Mould Making
stage building materials various hand tools
buckets, release, accessories


BYO Paint Brushes Canvas/Surface easels
2x-14x opaque projector 4”x 4” bed primers-latex, included in rental fee


Skilled Trades/Contract/Specialty Services:


Mould Making-Any Object/Thing
slip casting moulds, production moulds-silicon rubber w/mother, waste moulds foundry-lost wax, burn out, petro-bond sand/cope and drag casting


plaster, cement, tinted cement, resin, rubber, plastic, coloured plastics, wax, aluminum, jello, chocolate...


custom fabrication of: you think it, we can make it, portable on-site jobs
gates, fences, architectural details/brackets/structural, outdoor sculpture, industrial design-furniture


Historic Properties and Home Renovations - NO Major electric or plumbing



masonry- bricks, stone, stucco, foundation repair, concrete pads carpentry/fabrication

contract painting


kitchen/bath renovations or new

flooring-hardwood, faux/laminate, tile contract painting


*references available upon request*